Thursday, September 22, 2011

Art, Transcendence, and Orthodoxy

Melinda Johnson's Orthodox Writers and Readers Series has again brought to our attention a beautiful and thought provoking reflection on art, this time broadly defined, and the Christian experience.

We meet the delightful and, just judging from his picture, exuberant Jonathan Kotinek, an educator, writer, and artist. He reflects on how art and beauty can be gateways to a transcendent experience of God. And he offers such excellent gems as:

The Eucharist is: "the soul-quickening, evil-vanquishing, illuminating, healing, sanctifying entrance of the body and blood of Christ into my person."

"The genius of art, I think, is that it distills a particular person’s perspective and renders it in language accessible to and resonant with others."

And Kotinek is a highly talented artist in his own right. His work can be purchased at the site FineArtAmerica. Here's a sample that shows his brilliant use of color and depth:

Photography Prints

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  1. Thank you for the mention Keith! As I mentioned at Lydia's Book Club, I'm fortunate to have an accomplished artist as a friend and mentor in this craft and since J. Vincent makes his living painting, I’d much rather see those inclined to purchase art do so from him. Check out