Friday, September 2, 2011

Jerusalem and Athens

"What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?" Tertullian asked. "Or the Academy to do with the Church" (De Praesciptione 7).

And the answer, as bellowed finally by St. Thomas Aquinas is...plenty. Indeed, everything.

Christianity need not fear philosophy. And theology--good theology--is but philosophy on divine topics.

But in art, the modern age has found it fashionable to praise mere obscenity, when depicting divine topics. And now, sadly, the modern age has decided that one is not a profound and original thinker unless you start from the premise of atheism.

The New Yorker celebrates just such a fraud in its most recent issue in the article "How to be Good: A Philosopher's Quest for Moral Good." 

But the brilliant Dr. Justice has written a review of the article that is more coherent than the subject of the original.

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