Thursday, October 13, 2011

Journaling Throughout the Liturgical Year

The latest installment in Melinda Johnson's Orthodox Writers, Readers, and Artists series comes from Barbara Shukin. Barbara is a writer and artist who has produced a range of products for studying history and the liturgical year.

The format she invented is a brilliant merging of content and student response. The learner fills in portions of the product which reinforces learning and also leaves the student with a study guide and also a cherished memento of their exploration of the topic.

Most important to readers of this blog would be Journaling Throughout the Liturgical Year. This is wonderful thing to put in the hands of a young person to help them focus on the liturgy and occupy their young energy in that time.

For studying history, she has a range of materials, called her History Portfolio Series. While this is aimed at a homeschooling market, they would also be valuable ancillary materials for any young learner.

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