Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Author Lynette Smith

The latest Orthodox writer in Melinda Johnson's Orthodox Writers, Readers, and Artists Series is Lynette Smith, who turned a very long journey of Christian faith and just as long a time as an aspiring writer, into a recent and exciting published book.

Voyage: A Quest for God Within Orthodox Christian Tradition is a theological memoir of a journey--a struggle to "share complete and unreserved communion with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit."

Any writer who has "the bug" knows the agony of opening the rejection letter (I'm old enough to have done this all hard copy, with paper wounds coming in envelopes).

Lynette Smith tells the story in her post of coping with the depression that can set in and keeping life with God in perspective.
Blessings to you, as you continue the Voyage and share your writing with a world hungry for ultimate Truth.

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