Friday, July 29, 2011

The Mighty Acts of God

On the first Pentecost, the multitude of nations "heard them speaking in our languages the Mighty Acts of God (Magnalia Dei; Acts 2:11). This blog is hereby dedicated to exploring the Mighty Acts of God as expressed through words. And it claims as its Patron the author of the Book of Acts, the Evangelist St. Luke.
I'm starting this blog as a place to explore topics specifically related to Christianity and Writing, as well as to highlight contemporary authors of the Orthodox tradition whose fiction writing reflects their world view.
A Christian writer must, to be credible, be a writer first. That is not to say that their faith should not be the most important thing in their lives. But writing that merely attempts to proselytize is ultimately disingenuous. Just go ahead and proselytize! There's a fine and old tradition of it. It's called evangelizing. And the most successful in our Christian history left behind no substantial body of fiction, entertaining or otherwise.
Good Christian writers include Chesterton, O'Connor, Lewis, and even Tolkien. Their fiction was thoroughly imbued with their Christian world view. But it was not just a vehicle to express and expound their Christian world view. 
And so, let the adventure begin.

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