Monday, August 1, 2011

A Romanian Westminster Abbey

Our Sunday travels included a visit to the delightful Curtea de Arges Cathedral

Connected to the building of this impressive building is the legend of Master Builder Manole, which I hope isn't at all true, namely, that the builders, in response to a dream, walled up the pregnant wife of the architect Manole within the building. 

Inside the Church, we found in the atrium, as in Westminster Abbey for Great Britain, the final resting places of several figures from Romanian history.

Among those interred there, whom we were able to reverence and/or pray for:

King Carol (died 1914) and Queen Elisabeth (died 1916)

Voievod (King/War Lord) Radu de Afumati (died 1529)

St. Voievod Neagoe Bassarab (died 1521)

To our surprise and joy, the chapel of the Monastery proper houses the relics of St. Philothea (died 1218).

Romania is a country so rich in faith and history that virtually any random monastery reposes saints. But this monastery was a unique experience, not to be missed if you ever travel in the Arges region.

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  1. In the heat and dust of the contemporary world, your perspective is so refreshing.
    Dominus tecum.